About Us

CHESLA's Mission:

Expand post-secondary educational opportunities and enhance the State’s economic and workforce development through post-secondary education by providing cost-effective education financing programs and information resources to Connecticut students, alumni and their families. 

CHESLA's Vision:

Serve as Connecticut’s leading resource for students as they plan for their post-secondary education by providing financing, information and tools for students to make informed decisions; enhance the competitiveness of Connecticut educational institutions by providing grants and additional financing options; encourage interest in post-secondary education to help the State meet its workforce needs; and enhance economic development through innovative post-secondary education programs. 


Committed to helping students meet their educational goals.

CHESLA was created by the state of Connecticut in 1982 to help students and families finance the cost of higher education by reducing the financial burden of borrowing.

CHESLA serves as an alternative source of loan funds for students who:

  • Have exhausted financial aid and scholarships, and
  • Seek the type of loan options and high quality service provided by alternative state loan programs