Counselors & Aid Administrators

The CHESLA Loan is a low-cost fixed interest rate student loan available to Connecticut residents attending college in-state or out-of-state and to U.S. students attending college in Connecticut. Key elements of a CHESLA Loan:

  • Fixed interest rate with stable and predictable monthly payments
  • No tiered pricing: all qualified borrowers receive the same low fixed interest rates
  • Interest only payments while in school for undergrads and for a six month grace period after the student leaves school
  • Graduate and professional students have the opportunity to defer interest and principal while in school
  • An online application and pre-approval process
  • No deadline for application and no application fee

The current rate is 4.95% (*APR 5.33% to 5.45%) over the life of the loan. The student is the borrower and may need a co-borrower to meet the income requirements. Principal and interest is payable over an extended 140-month repayment term after the grace period ends.

* The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) reflects both the accruing interest and the effect of borrowing the 3% reserve fee and paying the expected monthly payment over the term of the loan.

Guidance Counselors: To inquire about having someone do a presentation for your students or to get CHESLA flyers, email

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